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For The Kindness of Strangers

on February 10, 2016

Today’s blogging challenge was suppose to be about my favorite vacation.  But I alas, while Skyping my daughter, who is studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I decided I needed to write about some of her adventure instead!

She has been abroad for two weeks getting used to Buenos Aires and her roommate. This past weekend she took a 12 hour bus ride to a lovely place called Mendoza.  Although she speaks Spanish pretty well, she had a bit of trouble when there was an issue with her travel arrangements and she ended up separated from her travel companions.  But for the kindness of strangers, first in the form of an elderly woman who asked if she was okay. And later a guy who spoke English fluently and gave her some advice on where to avoid and what to see while in Mendoza. They both told her that she should be entitled to get some of her bus money back because of the mistake and helped her at the station with filing a claim.

Eventually she met back up with her travel mates.  They enjoyed touring some vineyards, and hiking in the Andes Mountains.  The scenery is beautiful there and there’s beauty in the people as well.

Having your offspring so far away is off-putting to say the least.  With a language barrier,unfamiliar countryside and some botched plans, this could have been a recipe for disaster. But knowing that there are good, caring people all across this big world of ours, is encouraging. A bit of my confidence in mankind has been restored.

 Mendoza, Argentina

Boy, don’t you wish you were here?  Unless you are of course!

Cheers!  JustLorelei67


6 responses to “For The Kindness of Strangers

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    I have been crushing on Argentina for some time and it’s hard to haul luggage all the way across the planet for a short trip. I want to do a full six months or so in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, to let it all sink in. Become a new me. Lovely post. xo


  2. Annette says:

    😦 I miss my babies that are all grown and gone. Video chats are awesome. Two of my kids love in a Oklahoma and so are my grandkids. I do have one more kid living 17 miles away. Thank God!

    Beautiful pictures and so wonderful she is getting to have this experience. Yes, I wish I was there. Lol happy blogging! 🙂 Annette

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