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Lemon Water 101

on February 20, 2016

One lemon has 17 calories, 2% potassium, 1% protein, 1% calcium,1% iron and a whopping 51% of your daily vitamin C! Not to mention they are tasty and smell wonderful!

I have read many claims about the benefits of drinking lemon water.  My brother sent me some delicious organic lemons,  so I decided to put this into my morning routine.

It has been four days of drinking a morning glass of iced lemon water.  Although I enjoy it iced I have read many articles suggesting you drink it at room temperature or slightly warmed.  I am not sure I will enjoy it, but will try it warm eventually.

I have picked five things that I am going track to see if I can notice any effects.

  1. Weight management and craving control – I don’t have weight to lose but will see if it helps to maintain weight and stave off cravings.
  2. Improved skin condition – The claim is that vitamin C is good for your skin and tissues in both aging and also as an antioxidant.
  3. Aid in digestion –  I have struggled with digestive issues, partly from the anti-cancer drug tamoxifen that I am taking.  We will see if this helps.
  4. Strengthen your immune system – The vitamin C should help.
  5. Energy boost – Who wouldn’t like that in the morning? Energy even before my first cup of coffee!

Warm lemon water vs. cold? According to my researched,  either will provide health benefits! If you decide to try a lemon water regimen you should know there are some warnings about tooth enamel damage.  The suggestion is to drink the lemon water before brushing your teeth, evidently your teeth are protected by the morning tooth fuzzies! Who knew??

I will keep you posted!

Cheers! JustLorelei67



18 responses to “Lemon Water 101

  1. Barb Knowles says:

    My 29 year old son has been trying to get me to really cut down on the amount of coffee I drink. He is drinking hot water with lemons throughout the day and feels so much better. He wants me to do the same. This blog post is going to make me try. 2 people telling me the same thing. Must be good!

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  2. So basically stinky morning breath has its place? 😉 haha. I have never liked lemon in my water… Not big on flavored water.

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  3. So refreshing but thank you I needed the reminder to drink more of it! Great post!

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  4. Sabiscuit says:

    I have the same regime as Barb. Lemon water all day. It’s my favourite thing to drink, way before it became trendy.

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  5. I love lemon water! I also run, so I am always tracking my hydration. When traveling, sometimes the water tastes odd to me, and I don’t want to drink as much as I should. A nice shot of lemon always takes care of that little problem. Love your website. Just found it thanks to Dr. French. I’m looking forward to reading more! 🙂

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    • Oh, thanks for the comment! I just bought my bag of organic lemons for the week! I am a runner as well, although have had to be on hiatus for the last three months. I am popping over to comment on your latest post! I just read it! 👍

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  6. frenchc1955 says:

    Thank you for following my blog.

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  7. Kally says:

    Great advice!! Sometimes I put orange slices too when I ran out of lemon.

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