Dreams Never End

The optimistic pessimist

A Proud Moment

I have been a runner for many years but it wasn’t until after my breast cancer diagnosis and a year and a half of surgeries that I had a goal to have a PR road race. There’s a race that involves running through the freeway tunnels in my city, called the Tunnel 10K.  In the past I have run a few half marathons, but am most confidant running 5k races.  The 10K (six miles) seemed like a good goal.  With two and half months before the September 19 race,  I trained six days a week, kept a pretty strict diet and worked on getting my mile pace to something acceptable.

When race day arrived I felt nervous, just like every race I questioned my decision to run a race.  This always happens to me.  I think “what am I nuts? I could be home in my cozy bed, sleeping in on a Saturday morning.  Why am I here running?  I can’t do this.”

Then as I stood waiting for the race to start I pictured myself running, reminding myself that I had trained more than ever before.  This was going to be a good race I decided and started hoping that I might even get not only a PR but could actually be a contender for a medal!

The gun went off and I was on my way.  As I ran I thought of the days after my diagnosis how I wondered if I would ever run again.  I thought about when I was recovering from my mastectomy, wondering if I would ever run again.  The miles ticked by and before I knew it I was crossing the finish line.  It was a good time, I felt ecstatic, a PR for me too! I felt accomplished and alive! (that is what running does for me). When my name was called, at the medal ceremony (I got second place in my age category) I felt proud of setting a goal and exceeding it! A good day, a very good day indeed.