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My Five Favorite Songs

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Day seven of the blogging challenge, and it is a challenge in that I do not have five favorite songs. Really I love music it is a wonderful highlight to the day, has been meaningful throughout my life and can evoke great happiness or sadness in me.  But my “playlist” is ever changing and although I enjoy hearing music I’ve enjoyed in my past I really just enjoy embracing whatever it is that I am hearing as of late.  My tastes are eclectic and I love hearing new stuff.  Instead of my very favorite songs of all time here are five songs I have on my current playlist! I guess it is my blog I can do it my way.  These songs are included on the playlist I have called, Chill.

  1. “Help Me Lose My Mind [featuring London Grammar] ” from Disclosure’s Settle 
  2. “Pickled Spider” from Mr. Scruff’s Turntables On The Hudson Reflecting Cielo vol. 8
  3.  “Alfonso Muskedunder” from Todd Terje’s It’s Album Time
  4. “Get A Move On!” from Mr. Scruff’s Keep It Unreal
  5. “Que Sera” from Wax Tailor’s Tales Of Forgotten Melodies

I am not going to post a link to each song but will leave you with this one that is number five!  Enjoy!


I would love to hear some song suggestions from you!

Cheers! JustLorele67

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